Ogdensburg passes new dog ordinance

Ogdensburg. Dogs will now be allowed at Heater's Pond, according to new borough law.

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  • PHOTOS BY VERA OLINSKICouncilman Michael Nardini gives an update regarding the Heater's Pond swim room.

  • Mayor George Hutnick discusses the new dog ordinance.

The Ogdensburg Council unanimously approved the new dog ordinance on June 24, allowing dogs at Heater’s Pond.

Before passing the ordinance, Mayor George Hutnick encouraged residents to clean up after their animals.

Councilmen Nelson Alvarez, Anthony Nasisi, and Peter Opilla were absent.

Hutnick said he discussed giving the new ordinance a chance with Police Chief Stephen Gordon. However, if it is abused, he said, they will “shut it back down. We’re trying to do right by the people.”

The council also unanimously approved the Party Perfect Rentals contract for Ogdensburg Day amusements.

Later, the council unanimously passed a bond ordinance for streetscape improvements on Plant Street, from Passaic Avenue to Brooks Flat Rd. The bond will assign $380,00 for cost and down payment, in order to use a state grant authorizing bonds and notes to finance the project.

Public hearing will be July 8. Alvarez and Opilla were absent. Nasisi arrived later.

Additionally, the council unanimously prioritized paving work first on Passaic Ave. and then Brooks Flat Rd., in light of potential N.J. Department of Transportation grants.

Other business

Hutnick said, he will meet with Elizabethtown Gas to discuss expanding natural gas to the other borough residents, including Passaic Avenue, Center Street, and off streets, which did not make the cut-off last year.

Nasisi said the Wausau Street tank abandonment project is complete, pending final inspection. He said they may need to seed and hay the area for erosion control.

Borough Attorney Robert McBriar said the garbage bid specs were finalized, and with Borough Clerk Robin Hough’s help, they advertised the notification to bidders. The bid opening date will be Aug. 15, 10 a.m. at the municipal building.

Hutnick read an update from Opilla regarding Heater’s Pond being stocked with fish in the summer and fall — both this and next year. Bass and Crappy will be stocked both years, along with some bait fish during both fall stockings.

After discussion about a fishing contest on Ogdensburg Day, Sept. 7, from 8–11:30 a.m., Hutnick recommended stocking Heater’s Pond once before the fishing contest.

Nardini, Nasisi, and resident Vicki Schroeder agreed to organize and run the fishing contest.

Councilwoman Brenda O’Dell said the Municipal Alliance helped with the Heater’s Pond Opening Day. She said around 60 people attended, with a rented blowup for the kids, adding, three officers also spoke about drug and alcohol abuse. Furthermore, she said, the alliance will review finances, so they can continue with other events throughout the year.

Hutnick said the Ogdensburg police have been doing a very good job with truck activity. Sooner or later, he said, truckers will realize if they go through Ogdensburg safely, no one will bother them.

Gordon said he believes DPW Supervisor Chris Ross ordered signs forbidding “jake braking” in Ogdensburg, per the recent ordinance.

Hutnick said after the signs arrive, the police can enforce the ordinance.

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