Ogdensburg students attend ShopRite program

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  • Katie Klackowski, Michael Mathews, Jakob Hetman, and Sofia Lawrence problem solve at one of nine problem-solving stations presented by Ogdensburg School's National Junior Honor Society eighth graders and Ronetco volunteers.

  • Catherine Fluhr (seated) Selena Abbott (mom volunteer), Caitlyn White, Gabryella Abbot, and Ashley Sgroi at the Flapjack Frenzy station.

  • Alex Opilla, Maya Gordon, and Joseph Lorenzo-Jaqueth test their logo knowledge at the “Loco Logos” problem-solving station.

  • Ethan Teevan, Daniel Lettilier, Ava Rojas, and Riley Donegan demonstrate their healthy shopping skills.

  • Sofia Lawrence, Katie Klackowski, Jakob Hetman, and Michael Mathews check out at the registers after shopping with a budget.

  • Cooper Rossi, Julian Montero, Alexa Morse are ready to check out.

  • Cooper Rossi, Julian Montero, and Alexa Morse are hard at work creating shapes.

  • David Fluhr, Alexa Morse, Cooper Rossi, Young Consumer Volunteer Michela LaLonde, and Mr. Quinn review their receipt and the healthy choices they made.

  • Kate Fahrenfeld, Julianna Capriglione, Logan DeVoe brainstorm the many ways to make change at “Money Madness”.

  • Hailey Simpson and Tyler Traverso test their skills at cup stacking.

  • Kate Fahrenfeld, Julianna Capriglione, and Logan DeVoe know all about “Money Madness”

  • Joseph Lorenzo-Jaqueth, Maya Gordon, Alex Opilla and Mrs. Gordon try and beat the clock at the cup stacking station.

Third grade students from Ogdensburg Public School became the “adults” at the Young Consumer Day Program this week at the ShopRite of Franklin.

This program is very popular among elementary students and unique in so many ways. The months-long program teaches students about good nutrition and the value of a dollar. Young Consumers also strengthens their math and logical reasoning skills, and teaches students how to apply their knowledge outside the classroom walls in the real world.

Charged with the task of feeding a family of four nutritious food on a $100 budget provides a “real life” experience for these young consumers. Reading labels and making healthy food choices in addition to solving math and critical thinking problems at nine math stations throughout the store makes for an enriching day at ShopRite.

“The RoNetco Young Consumer Program is an invaluable community resource for educating our students about making healthy food choices, portion sizes and making calculations to stay within a budget. The essential skills that were taught encompassed much of what we teach in our curriculum which includes; healthy food choices, adding fractions, multiplying, adding multiple numbers, estimating and collaborative learning.

It's exciting to see students working together and getting excited over making healthy choices for eating and learning how to be savvy consumers. Hopefully, by learning these essential skills early on, and continuing to practice these skills, our students will grow up to be healthy, "wealthy" and wise,” Catherine Wood, third-grade teacher.

"Cathie Miller and the RoNetco Young Consumer Math team of specialists and volunteers are an invaluable resource to our students here at Ogdensburg School. We would like to thank each and every one of them, along with our local Shop Rite of Franklin, NJ for helping our students advance in consumer math, good nutrition, and community involvement. We look forward to working with them again in the future," Debbie Olsyn, 3rd Grade Teacher.

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