Ogdensburg looks at getting well running

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  • Councilman Peter Opilla discusses insurance status.

  • PHOTOS BY VERA OLINSKI Councilman Michael Nardini reviews water issues.

OGDENSBURG — Councilman Michael Nardini said on March 12 he would meet with Water System Operator Rob Lawler to clarify the costs of getting “Well Four,” of Center Street, “up and running.”

Lawler, Nardini said, already gave him quotes to replace a part for the electric system and valve. In addition, Nardini planned to verify more quotes at another company.

After speaking with the Atlantic generator company, Nardini continued, they assured him they would have powered down Center St. before replacing the control board on-off gauge — which tells how many gallons of water flow per minute. They added, possibly the generator could have kicked on during Sandy and other storms, causing the problem.

Nardini said, as a precaution, he would examine the motor at Plant Street, ensuring that well does not break down due to possible misfiring.

He also planned to discuss personnel, job descriptions, and operator or monitor requirements with Lawler. By the next meeting, Nardini said, he will have the information.

The council unanimously approved the introduction of an ordinance moving $47,250 from Water Capital to the Capital Improvement fund. The public hearing will be held March 26. Councilman Anthony Nasisi was absent.

Officials discussed a proposal to provide Collection Management Service for their municipal collections of $17,000. Slater said, the $17,000 includes: unpaid 1998 traffic tickets, outstanding warrants, and criminal claims going back to 2003. She explained, the collection agency sends letters; and after payment is received, with an additional 22 percent, the 22 percent goes to the collection service.

Slater said the borough currently sends delinquent notices of the outstanding amount to the defendant. If the borough does not receive a reply, another notice of proposed suspension of drivers license is sent. Still if no reply, the driver receives the notice of driver's license suspension. After that, Slater said, the person becomes eligible for a warrant; and after one year of no payment, the amounts are sent by court to collections.

Borough Attorney Richard Brigliadoro added, the court also notifies Motor Vehicles about suspending the license; the suspension is placed in the system; and any driving privileges would be suspended.

Brigliadoro also said, after the borough exhausts all options, they would need authorization from the administrative office of the court to pursue delinquent accounts through a private collection agency.

Astor recommended calling Franklin and Hamburg to see what their rate of return is through the private collection agency.

Councilman Peter Opilla said, they are looking at options for the borough health insurance, due to issues regarding both current employees and retirees. As a possible cost savings option, they are considering moving to the state plan. Opilla said, he hopes to have information by the next meeting, where they can thoroughly discuss what is available, costs, and how it will impact the police contract — which covers most of their employees.

Slater said the Clean Community Illusion Maker's Program, already covered by grant money, will be June 6 at the school; and JCP&L fixed the telephone pole by the fire house, which had been hit by a county plower.

Councilman David Astor said, they are waiting for better weather to complete work on Predmore Road.

The Mayor and Council signed the Group Affidavit Certification, pursuant to compliance with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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