I read on of all places Facebook that a poster apologized for the actions of Republicans on the repeal efforts of what they call Obamacare. Listen, we need good Republicans like the Governors of Ohio- John Kasich and Governor Sandoval of Nevada who stand on the need to keep Medicaid expansion for those in need in their states. They are not interested in tax deductions for the rich, but health insurance for the needy.

We also have blessed Senators in the likes of Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and the heroine of the Senate — Senator Susan Collins of Maine, who follows her conscience over partisan ties. There are too many Senators in both parties that will never cross over the aisle to be statesmen or stateswomen that should care more for the next generation over the next election. These two seem to do it on a regular basis. In Collins' case, she comes from the state of Maine where the venerable Margaret C. Smith stood up to Joseph McCarthy, and possibly along with Edward R. Murrow ended the tyranny of a brutal Senator that even a President of the United States named Eisenhower remained silent on.

There are others that speak up now and in the past. As once, NJ had Clifford Case, a Senator that would cross over the aisle on issues, and a neighboring state had Senator Hugh Scott from Pennsylvania. We are in terrible times, and whether you agree or not a columnist in The Times called Trump a madman, and it seems a number of Republicans like McCain and Graham did not like Trump’s recent tweets on two hosts on a cable network.

I was lucky in life to meet two men that wrote a book called profiles in courage that depicted Senators and others standing often alone on issues. One was JFK at age 10 in Teaneck at an Armory, and the other was Theodore Sorensen at age 50. McCain is a winner of the title in recent years. Both JFK and Theodore Sorensen looked for those heroic tendencies that do produce a statesman like a Senator McCain or a Statewoman like Susan Collins.

Charles de Gaulle once noted that politics is too serious a business left to politicians, and that is what we need to view in those elected- more a reference for the body politic over partisanship.

Yes, just like there is a Santa Claus, Virginia, there are good Republicans, too

Bill Weightman