Quotes coming in for Ogdensburg Day

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  • pHOTOS BY VERA oLINSKI Councilman Anthony Nasisi describes a potential 60 foot slip and slide for Heater's Pond.

  • Councilman George Hutnick recommends reviewing all paperwork before approving the slide.

OGDENSBURG — The borough recently started receiving quotes for the annual Ogdensburg Day event.

Councilman George Hutnick said he is reviewing a variety of amusements through two companies. Based on last year, he hopes to again have: the mechanical bull, rock wall, bungee trampoline, and video game truck – possibly from 12–5 p.m. After discounts last year, Hutnick said, the borough spent $8,550. This year he is looking for more amusements at a lower price.

Hutnick also said he will send the updated board of health paperwork with this year's applications - all food vendors will be health inspected. He added, the regular vendors started reaching out to him, including the Sterling Hill Mine, Historical Society, and RC Construction.

Councilman Anthony Nasisi said the Pond Committee had their first event June 23, with Eddie and the Briquettes. He added, it was a good function, with the contained pit fire, regardless of the rainy weather.

Nasisi continued, they created a Facebook Page for the “Heater's Pond Committee” 2017 calendar of events. The schedule is also on the ogdensburgnj.org website.

Nasisi also discussed a 60 foot inflatable slip and slide, with four one man rafts, and the work entailed. He said, the borough would need to grade and extend the beach at Heater's Pond. Per the insurance representative George Morville, Nasisi said, a lifeguard would need to be at the slide. He added, the slide cost would be around $1,500 - $1,600, and the Ogdensburg Recreation Association might be able to donate toward the slide.

Officials were concerned about and discussed adequate life guard coverage, and Council President Rachel Slater recommended getting input from the lifeguards regarding setting up and taking down the slide.

Nasisi will develop a plan ensuring enough lifeguard coverage and add it to the borough risk management plan.

Before taking a vote, Hutnick recommended first reviewing all completed paperwork including: all costs, full quote and insurance approval.

Slater said, based on the risk management plan she completed last year, the slide may possibly require a third life guard.

Mayor Steve Ciasullo then said, he was pleased with the Solitude treatment of the pond water. Slater added resident Michelle Nardini and lifeguards were raking out the swim area.

Slater said, Solitude will come again in August to treat the water.

Nasisi said the Department of Public Works personnel believe reimbursement for medical, eye, and dental may have lowered from $1,500 to $1,000. After researching back to 2013, officials still have not found the change.

Ciasullo said Councilman David Astor should be included in discussions after more details are determined. Astor was absent.

Nasisi added, possibly the clothing budget was also cut from $500 to $350, which includes buying safety colored t-shirts.

Ciasullo reminded residents, all Ogdensburg solicitors require a permit. Currently, he said, one company, Slomin's Oil and Alarms, may solicit in Ogdensburg. Ciasullo added, he would like to develop a list allowing people to opt out of solicitors.

Hutnick said a dog was hit in the tunnel. Officials discussed lighting in the tunnel to also protect people.

Ciasullo said, they already looked at the lighting possibility last year, however, PSE&G said even with led strip lighting, the small tunnel does not allow enough time for one's eyes to adjust during sunny days.

He added, they had also talked about a speed bump, police department radar, or an elevated walkway.

Nasisi wondered if the county had anything to do with the tunnel.

Officials also discussed a potential conflict in their handbook with Workman's Comp regarding sick days, time off, and pay.

Nasisi explained a workman's comp attorney said, because of a particular doctor's schedule, a sick day may not be charged, and the employee must be paid.

Ciasullo said, it will be taken up with the borough attorney, and they need details if an employee needs time off for a procedure.

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