Dog run gives pets and owners a break
BUSINESS. Pooches play at dog run while owners travel.

Gucci, Living Pawsitively's store mascot, enjoys the dog run behind the pet shop. (Photo by Laurie Gordon)

By Laurie Gordon
Traveling with a pooch, especially in the heat of summer, can be a challenge. Fortunately, Living Pawsitively has a great dog run behind its popular pet store where dogs can take a break from the car ride and frolic for a while.
“Most of our regular customers take advantage of using our dog run in the back,” said owner Jan Hopper. “We also have travelers from Manhattan, Long Island, South Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. We have even had people in my store and using the dog run from Colorado and Wisconsin.”
She said that most people that are from out of the area have second homes in the lake areas and also Pennsylvania.
“They are stopping on their way to those locations,” Hopper said. “We have many people come to use the run and shop when there is a dog show in town.”
Hopper opened Living Pawsitively in 2012 after having owned a trucking company from 1995 to 2011. The premise of the store is to be a place where every pet owner knows that the food and treats they are buying are always natural and healthy.
“We provide a fun and playful environment where you can bring your pets into the shop and experience our knowledgeable and friendly staff,” Hopper said. “If you need a fitting for a harness or collar we are more than happy to fit your pet with their proper sizing. We have experienced staff ready to help you and your pet.”
The run caters to all breeds and sizes of dogs.
“We have many German Shepherds,Corgi's, Leonberger's, Yorkie's, Labs, Golden's, Schnauser's, Austrailian Cattle Dogs,Newfoundlands,Akita's and of course, many mixed breeds,” Hopper said.
Owners are very appreciative of the run.
“We have had many people thank us for our help on the nutritional guidance for their pets,” Hopper said. “It really is so satisfying when we know we have helped a customer with any issues they may be having with their pet. That makes having this business worthwhile."
Hopper offers a myriad of treats for four legged friends, and often owners get their dogs a little something while there at the run.
“I have a cookies bar where you can mix treats,” Hopper said. “I also have many other healthy tasty treats. We always let our four legged friends sample treats as well. A big hit is the frozen yogurt we sell. We have chairs and picnic tables by the dog run so customers can sit and watch their dogs run and play.”
With the Sussex County Farm & Horse Show on the horizon, Hopper said the run is very popular during that time.
“It's a great place where dogs and their owners can get out of the car and have some fun and take a relaxing break,” she said.
Living Pawsitively is located at 39 NJ Route 15 in Lafayette. Visit, call 973-862-6030 or e-mail info@livingpawsitively for further information.