Ogdesnburg ready to approve budget

PHOTOS BY VERA OLINSKI Councilman David Astor tenders his resignation.

OGDENSBURG — Ogdensburg Mayor George Hutnick said the council is ready to finalize and approve the 2019 Budget.
Chief Financial Officer Mike Marceau will present a budget update on March 25, and the council will introduce the budget on April 8 in order to meet state requirements.
Hutnick added the council hopes to allocate $19,000 for Ogdensburg Day, including fireworks; and there should be enough money in the budget to fix windows, doors, and gutters on the Historical Society building.
Ordinances and resolutionsThe council unanimously adopted an ordinance adopting and codifying Chapter 30 Land Development.
After signing the “Group Affidavit Certification Pursuant to P.L. 2017 C. 183 of compliance with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,” the council unanimously passed a resolution authorizing compliance. The resolution had been tabled at the Feb. 25 meeting.
In addition, the council unanimously introduced an ordinance amending and supplementing Chapter 2, Article III, Section 2-19.16 of requirements and fees for officers performing quasi-public police services. Public hearing will be held March 25.
Councilwoman Rachel Slater said the proposed ordinance would raise fees to an $85 flat rate fee when police are completing any road details.
The council also unanimously introduced an ordnance appropriating $40,000, currently within the Water Capital-Capital Improvement Fund. Public hearing will be held March 25.
Council President Michael Nardini explained the sum is for various facility improvements, including pump house work currently in progress. Furthermore, they are planning a few other upgrades and would like to have “a little cushion for breaks.”
Nardini also notified the council of issues with vendors, and they are making arrangements for the vendor who completed repairs at the wells to complete other work, such as check valves and other repairs.
After Borough Attorney Robert B. McBriar explained the background of an Ogdensburg Borough Home Improvement program, the council unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the discharge of an $8,760 mortgage for Edward Savick, 125 Kennedy Ave. The mortgage had been recorded in the Sussex County Clerk’s office on June 1, 1998, mortgage book M-3230, pages 196-199. Briar said according to policies found, if repairs are completed, and the homeowner continues to live at the property, the loan would be forgiven; the program administrator confirmed the repairs were completed.
Additional businessCouncilman Anthony Nasisi said they will repair the Wausau Street Septic, Block 30 Lot 11.05 with the 2019 budget. He estimated the cost will be under $1,000 for materials and permits, and he will donate time and labor to uncover everything.
Hutnick said the Land Use Board requested to increase the Zoning permit and Certificate of Continued Occupancy fees, bringing them up to current rates.
Nasisi said the new rates would be $50 for zoning permits and $100 for a COC.
An ordinance will be drafted for the next meeting.
Hutnick also said the Land Use Board would like to increase the Land Use Secretary Blanche Stuckey’s hours.
Nardini said they are waiting for the state to appropriate funds for the Radon Awareness program, and then they will start ordering kits.
Nardini also said the Friend’s of Heater’s Pond will raise funds with a treat-filled plastic egg program of 25-50 plastic eggs, to be tossed on a recipient's front lawn.
In addition, Nardini asked the council to pass a special resolution allowing a Heater’s Pond family overnight camp-out on May 4. They are planning, he said, a movie night, camp fire, dinner, and breakfast. Nardini continued, about 20-25 families will rent tent spots near the pavilion.
George Hutnick encouraged the council to keep pushing community events.
Councilwoman Brenda O’Dell said the Municipal Drug Alliance and Friends of Heater’s Pond are working with the county regarding allocating some grant money to the group for drug free kid events.
Hutnick recommended recognizing residents’ achievements on Facebook, in order to make the Facebook page more community oriented and a source of town specific information.
Other upcoming eventsHutnick said the Sterling Hill Museum will host a scouting event from April 12 – 14, with around 300 scouts, and all emergency services will be on standby. Officials discussed parking and fixing generators. Hutnick said he offered the generator spotlight and would like to replace the generator legs, costing $300, for the scouting or town events.
Officials also confirmed the Habitat for Humanity Ogdensburg 5K Run will be June 15.
Councilman David Astor said he will publicize the event, and O’Dell said she will notify the PTO.