Sticker shock engages youth

From left, Isabel Babio - Rose Homentosky

NEWTON — The Center for Prevention and Counseling reminds and encourages community members to be part of the solution to preventing underage drinking.
On Wednesday, Aug. 22, the Center conducted a successful “Sticker Shock” event around the county. “Sticker Shocks” are designed to reach adults, who might purchase alcohol legally and provide it to underage drinkers. Bright stickers, warning about the penalties for furnishing alcohol to minors, are placed on all multi-packs of beer, alco-pops, and other alcohol products that might appeal to youth.
The impact of the stickers is increased by media coverage of the event and, by the youth talking about their experiences. “Sticker Shock” events represent a partnership between our young people, alcohol selling retailers, concerned parents, community members, prevention professionals, and law enforcement with the goal of educating potential furnishers, raising public awareness about underage drinking, and strengthening the deterrent effect of the law against providing alcohol to minors.
The Center for Prevention and Counseling has been engaging youth with “Sticker Shock” events since 2009, under the direction of the Coalition for Healthy and Safe Communities. On August 22nd, Ayla Bower and Elise McGaughran, from The Center, conducted a “Sticker Shock” at ShopRite Wine and Spirits of Newton with Kittatinny students: Rose Homentosky and Isabel Babio. A very special thank you goes out to the staff at Shoprite Wine and Spirits of Newton for supporting the mission of The Coalition for Healthy and Safe Communities.
If you own or manage a liquor store in Sussex County and would like to learn more about “Sticker Shocks,” contact Ayla Bower at The Center at (973)383-4787. Local youth interested in participating with this initiative can also contact Ayla.
Sticker Shock events help spread education and awareness regarding the dangers of underage drinking. Please remember to secure and monitor alcohol in your home and remember, “Parents Who Host Lose The Most - Don’t be a Party to Teenage Drinking, It’s Against the Law.” To learn more about preventing underage drinking, go to or contact The Center for Prevention and Counseling at